Am 2016-10-16 um 11:16 schrieb Andreas Dangel:

I'm currently in the process of publishing m-pmd-p 3.7 - and for some
steps, I need support:

*   "Copy the source release to the Apache Distribution Area" - I guess,
this always needs to be done by a PMC member. It's already synced to
central [1].

I will perform that for you today.

*   "Update the version tracking in JIRA" - It seems, I don't have
sufficient permissions to do that. At least, I don't see anything to
administer the project MPMD [2] in order to release version 3.7 and
create version 3.8. Should I be able to do that on my own?

Done. Request with Brian Fox.

*   I'm a bit unsure about the plugins index page [3]. I've updated the
trunk version [4]. Is this the correct one? As the CMS seems to be
pointing to an older version...

Looks fine in the Subversion repo. Request cms.a.o to republish the site.


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