On 12/02/18 07:54, Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:
sure, the good reasons behind this process have to be understood

Core really requires deeper review than any other component, because the
impact is heavier and because reviewing is more complex then require more
formal way to ask for others to take time to review.
The other component IMHO that would require same review is Maven Artifact
Resolver, for the same cause: heavier impact and harder review

The intention is to prevent the earlier bad situation where exactly this secoding helps...Apart from that the "slow down" we have is acceptable for Maven Core and also for other important components...in exchange for more quality ...

so I second to keep it this way...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise



Le dimanche 11 février 2018, 20:28:11 CET Stephen Connolly a écrit :
On Sun 11 Feb 2018 at 19:18, Robert Scholte <rfscho...@apache.org> wrote:
To me the most important reason for seconding is to have at least some
kind of consensus per issue before merging to master.
I don't want to get in the same situation again and if that means
seconding, then I'm fine with that even if it slows down the process.
Quality is much more important.

I am fine with that, I just am happier if everyone understands they why and

I don’t want people thinking “stephen shoved this in and it’s here to stay
because Stephen”

 From my PoV it was a necessary evil for the big reset. We are well post
reset now, if the majority still see value in the practice over and above
the cost of that practice... let’s keep doing it ;-)


On Sat, 10 Feb 2018 19:09:33 +0100, Stephen Connolly

<stephen.alan.conno...@gmail.com> wrote:
When we had the “big reset” I asked for seconding before merging as the
priority was to get a functioning release out.

IMHO outside of burndown towards a release, a successful CI build of the
branch, providing the branch is fast-forward mergable (not that we
do a fast forward merge - merge policy being a separate topic, just that
all commits are on top of master without rebasing) should be all that is
required to merge (the release manager, ie whoever steps up to do a
release, may revert any problematic merges when time comes to actually

Once a release manager has stepped up and declared the start of a
burn-down... in that case seconding should apply.


(Ps I haven’t declared burn down for core *yet*, but I will in the next
week or two)

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