Does it make sense to move some of the archetypes to their matching project?

For example, Why not move maven-archetype-plugin to the maven-plugin project.
This should make it easier to maintain to to keep it up to date.


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Le mardi 13 mars 2018, 07:25:01 CET Enrico Olivelli a écrit :
Il mar 13 mar 2018, 00:45 Hervé BOUTEMY <> ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I updated Maven Archetypes a lot
> The last update to do is on the profile archetype:
> see
> Can someone help on it, please?

I does seem a simple task,
yes, it should not be complex: just need to make something that represents a useful use case

if you write some points to guide me and there
is not much hurry I will happy to find the cycles to work on this.
the source code is in svn (until INFRA has time to migrate to Git...) and there is a Git mirror available on GitHub : then you can submit updates either as a patch or zip file attached to Jira or as a Github PR As any archetype, the source of the generated project is in src/main/resources/archetype-resources and src/main/resources-filtered And if you update src/test/resources/projects/it-basic/goal.txt content, building the archetype will make a generation of a project from the SNAPSHOT archetype: it's an easy way to have a check that the archetype generates working projects




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> Hervé
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