Hi all,

According to the docs at 
 "Note that Doxia also supports several output formats, the site plugin only 
creates XHTML”.

I would like the maven-site-plugin to have the option to output HTML5 (or 
XHTML5 to be more specific), and from what I can see, maven-site-plugin cannot 
do this today. (correct?)

To support this, I am understanding that the following needs to get done:

- Create an XHTML5 sink for Doxia.
- Teach the maven-site-plugin to optionally use the XHTML5 sink if specified in 
the skin. (or make in mandatory for maven-site-plugin v4.x?)
- (Possibly?) Extend Doxia to support new (X)HTML5 tags.

My question is - am I on the right track? Is there some other work to support 
HTML5 that I may have missed?


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