First off, I know nothing about Terracotta.

You can already do "a" by simply creating a pom.xml for Terracotta,
packaging a bundle (please include compiled jar, source jar, and
javadocs jar), and uploading it to JIRA. This is all documented so you
should be able to follow the steps:

For "b", I'd expect a simply terracotta-maven-plugin could perhaps be
created which would build the boot jar when the plugin is specified in
a projects' pom.

Arguably this same plugin could perhaps also be responsible for "c".
But now you're talking about interacting with Surefire and that's
outside my area of expertise. You could probably take a look at
Cobertura M2 plugin code and figure things out.


On 2/19/07, Steven Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
A few things. First I ask you all to bare with me because I'm not an
maven person but...

I think it would be really cool if at first maven could have the
ability to:

a) Automagically download and install Terracotta like it does with
everything else
b) Know how and when to build a boot jar
c) Know how to put the proper command line stuff in for running tests/
apps with terracotta etc

Just that would be really neat in my book.

On the other side of things. What we would like to do on the maven
front for building
our stuff would be to have a parallel (this wasn't my idea it was
jason's but I think
it is a good idea so I'm repeating it) build system that we can
mature until it has every
thing we need to take over for our custom system. This allows the
timeline to be less of an

I also think it would be really cool to cluster parts of maven at
some point. Just doing coordination
and sharing poms might be a fun start. The first thing we wrote in
Terracotta dso was a distributed testing
framework for Terracotta dso in Terracotta dso.

We, of course, are not in the business of writing testing frameworks
and build systems which is why we like
the idea of moving to maven. We do it because it is necessary. I
might be able to convince the powers that
be to turn that distributed testing framework over to the community
under a more permissive license at some
point if interest exists in moving it to a level that is more

Anyway, this is all very interesting.



Hi all,
It's great to see such fast response so far, even on a weekend.  Please
continue to write to this thread if you're interested in such a
plugin or
want to help develop it.

Eric -- I definitely see where you're coming from and understand
with regards to Terracotta being a platform vs. a module.  I was
more along the lines of having a plugin that would bind to a build
phase (such as the install or deploy phase) and perform the bytecode
enhancement at that point.  But as Eugene mentioned, that probably
work so well for doing anything other than testing the bytecode-enhanced
code during the test phase of the Maven build cycle.  However, it would
certainly be a start to try that out. :-)  Would that seem like a
goal for now (write a surefire-terracotta / terracotta-surefire
plugin?), or
do you think it would it be best to wait until Terracotta is Mavenized?

As far as rewriting/Mavenizing Terracotta's build system goes, it would
definitely be helpful for folks who would be interested in adding to
Terracotta's codebase to get up to speed quickly.  Any ideas on what
kind of
timeline you're looking at?  You could start out with a multi-pom
with nonstanard directories to get things going and then refactor to a
multi-pom project with standard directory structures once you feel
confident.  I've done the first half of what I mentioned to demo
Maven 2 on
an established codebase and it worked really well.  Let me know and
I'd be
happy to try and help with the effort.


On 2/18/07, Eric-Ellis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > Raphal Pironi-3 wrote:
 > >
 > > Hi Jim,
 > >
 > > I think the Mojo community would like to host your plugin.
 > >
 > > Just ask for at :
 > >
 > > Raphal
 > >
 > > 2007/2/18, Scott Ryan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
 > >>
 > >> I would love to work with you on developing the plugin.  I heard
 > >> about their presentation at the Denver Java User's Group and would
 > >> love to look at their technology deeper.  I have developed some
 > >> plugins already for weblogic and appfuse.
 > >>
 > >> Scott Ryan
 > >>
 > >>
 > >> On Feb 18, 2007, at 1:08 PM, Jim Bethancourt wrote:
 > >>
 > >> > Hi all,
 > >> > I was wondering if anyone would be interested in developing a
 > >> > 2 plugin
 > >> > / plugins that would allow for developers to apply Terracotta
 > bytecode
 > >> > enhancement to their Java code through Maven.  I've only worked
 > >> > through the
 > >> > Terracotta DSO tutorial, but it seems like a Maven plugin would
 > >> > make a lot
 > >> > of sense to automate the bytecode enhancement through the Maven
 > >> > build life
 > >> > cycle.  I can email the Terracotta folks and ask them if they
 > >> > be able
 > >> > to post the Terracotta files on Ibiblio since Maven 2.0.5 now
 > supports
 > >> > different licenses.
 > >> >
 > >> > I've dabbled in plugin authoring before as well, but I don't
 > >> > exactly
 > >> > what all it would entail in this case.
 > >> >
 > >> > Please write back and let me know
 > >> > 1) If you would find the plugin useful
 > >> > and/or
 > >> > 2) If you would be interested in helping develop such a plugin
 > >> >
 > >> > Thanks,
 > >> > Jim
 > >>
 > >>
 > >>
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 > >>
 > >
 > >
 > Hi guys,
 > Eugene and I work for Terracotta as software engineers. As Eugene has
 > mentioned, our DSO implementation instruments bytecode at runtime so
 > integrating the product into a build cycle wont be possible. We're
 > working to develop Terracotta as a platform as opposed to a module
 > Apache Commons. We do think that Maven is the right way to go
though and
 > are
 > interested in rewriting our own custom build system to use it.
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