On 2016/6/17 7:57, Guangya Liu wrote:
@Fan Du,

Currently, I think that the scarce resources should be defined by cluster
admin, s/he can specify those scarce resources via a flag when master start

This is not what I mean.
IMO, it's not cluster admin's call to decide what resources should be marked as scarce , they can carry out the operation, but should be advised on based on the clear rule: to what extend the resource is scarce compared with other resources, and it will affect wDRF by causing starvation for frameworks which holds scarce resources, that's my point.

To my best knowledge here, a quantitative study of how wDRF behaves in scenario of one/multiple scarce resources first will help to verify the proposed approach, and guide the user of this functionality.

Regarding to the proposal of generic scarce resources, do you have any
thoughts on this? I can see that giving framework developers the options of
define scarce resources may bring trouble to mesos, it is better to let
mesos define those scarce but not framework developer.

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