I would like to try to get the community syncs back on track. They have not
been organized well recently, and I would like to take ownership of being
the driver/host of the meetings. I think my half-involved driving of the
meetings have been detrimental in terms of logistics, consistency,
experience and ultimately the attendance, and I apologize for this. I also
think that it's been difficult to rotate between the timezones without
clear designation of hosts and an inability of many to attend across

Going forward, we'll have a community sync every other Thursday at 3pm PST,
starting Oct 20. This is to facilitate getting back to a good cadence with
consistent hosting (that's on me), with an agenda and regular attendance.
We can certainly seek for others who can help run the meetings in other
timezones, but I believe this can come later.

If you disagree, or opposed to any of what I've said above, please let me

Thank you,


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