Hi MPark, thanks so much for hosting the meetings up until now!

It turns out that Ben isn't available on the 24th so the *next meeting will
be on August 31st at 3 pm* instead and will continue every 4 weeks after

I think it would be great to switch from Google Hangouts to Zoom for the
meetings, which would reduce the overhead for scheduling and recording the
meetings, and give everyone a persistent link to join rather than a
different link for each meeting. The down side would be that everyone who
wanted to attend in real time would need to download the Zoom client.
Please feel free to weigh in!

All the best,

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Michael Park <mp...@apache.org> wrote:

> A few announcements here:
>    - I'll no longer be hosting Mesos Developer Community Meetings going
>    forward. There's a lot of work involved in hosting/running good
> meetings. I
>    feel that I have not been putting enough work to make it good, and would
>    rather have someone else run it better instead.
>    - The meeting tomorrow, Aug 10, 2017, is *CANCELLED*.
>    - We'll resume Aug 24, 2017 with *Benjamin Hindman* as our new host!
>    - The meetings will occur *monthly* going forward rather than *every
>    other week*.
> Thanks Ben for taking this over, and I'm sure this meeting will become more
> engaging and informative for everyone!
> Thanks,
> MPark

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