+1 (binding)

With respect to Windows, Visual Studio 2017 (MSVC 1910) supports C++14, and it's already our minimum required version. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/visual-cpp-language-conformance for more details. Also, we run with `/permissive-`, which disables non-conforming constructs.

But a heads up: the default GCC packages on some distributions are 4.x (I believe CentOS 7 is still 4.8, and Debian 8 is 4.9), so we'll need to update our getting started instructions to explicitly install GCC 5+.



On 02/09/2018 9:28 pm, Michael Park wrote:
I'm going to put this up for a vote. My plan is to bump us to C++14 on Feb

The following are the proposed changes:
  - Minimum GCC *4.8.1* => *5*.
  - Minimum Clang *3.5* => *3.6*.
  - Minimum Apple Clang *8* => *9*.

We'll have a standard voting, at least 3 binding votes, and no -1s.



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