>On 2021-02-28 05:38 PM, Qian Zhang wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> To reboot this awesome project, I'd like to collect feature requests 
>> for Mesos. Please let us know your requirements for Mesos and whether 
>> you or your organization would like to contribute to the 
>> implementation of the requirements. Thanks!
>We can already summarize what has been said in previous discussions, mainly 
>making mesos easier to deploy / maintain, and my personal one, with more 
>batteries included by default.
>There are also several ways of improvements, especially regarding GPU support, 
>numa, ZFS integration, volume management...
>But first, reducing the effort to have a fully functional mesos cluster would 
>be to me, one of the priorities (and also targeting local development like 
>minimesos was trying to achieve)
>Damien GERARD

Ease of install is definitely something that would make it easier for others to 
use and experiment with Mesos.

I've just been through the process of setting up a Mesos cluster and it's 
definitely a right-of-passage.
Not a particularly fun experience, but primarily because I wanted ssl enabled.
I'm using an Ansible playbook to deploy a Linux/Windows Mesos cluster for a 
Jenkins Build Farm.

I've made a few local mods to:
* Mesos to support Windows and ssl (not complete)
* Jenkins Mesos Plugin (and mesos-usi) to support reusable Agents and Mesos 
attribute operators i.e. match Mesos offers with an attribute version 
[lt|le|gt|eq|ne|ge|gt] '2.2.2'

Regards, Chris

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