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In going through the mail archive before subscribing to this list, it seems 
there have been a number of discussions around what Mesos should do as a 
project. One use case that might be worth considering is ‘serverless’ 
workloads. This would be something where the Kubernetes containerization 
doesn’t provide any advantages, and to some extent may actually be a hindrance 
(slower function startup times as the container spins up).

In particular, there is an open problem having to do with supporting stateful 
serverless workloads. That is, how do you run serverless workloads that require 
access to persistent data and how do you schedule your serverless functions so 
that they execute with good data locality to ensure decent performance. A good 
serverless solution would increase the relevance of Mesos, and it is also a 
forward-looking direction that doesn’t try to reclaim lost territory related to 
container orchestration. I don’t know how much work would be needed to build 
function-as-a-service on Mesos, but since Mesos is already quite good at 
hosting data workloads it may not actually be all that difficult?

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John Siegrist

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