Awesome, thanks so much Ben. :-)

Am 12.01.24 um 23:55 schrieb Benjamin Mahler:
As part of upgrading to CentOS 9 at X/Twitter, Shatil / Devin (cc'ed) will
be working on:

* Upgrading to Python 3
* Cgroups v2 support

We will attempt to upstream this work for the benefit of other users.

In addition, we have several long-standing internal patches that should
have been upstreamed but weren't. We currently deploy from an internal
1.9.x branch with these additional patches on top of OSS 1.9.x. To simplify
the above work since the code changes will be substantial (especially for
cgroups v2), we'll try to work off master (or 1.11.x) and upstream our
long-standing internal patches to minimize the delta between OSS and our
internal branch.

Let me know if folks have any questions. IMO it would be good for users to
hold off on going into the attic so that we can land this work at least.


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