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On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 10:04 AM Otto Fowler <ottobackwa...@gmail.com>

> WRT : regression fixes, I would also like us to consider putting these the
> initial 777 to feature branch PR as an option.
> On August 23, 2017 at 09:56:33, Otto Fowler (ottobackwa...@gmail.com)
> wrote:
> A feature branch
> As discussed in the community meeting we are going to create a ‘feature’
> branch for METRON–777 and it’s associated PR’s. The purpose behind the
> feature branch is to more formally stage a large PR or set of PR’s to allow
> for for better review participation ( of the pr and changes due to feedback
> ) and more formal collaboration and testing.
> In order to accomplish this, there are several things that will have to be
> done. I believe they are:
>    1. A new branch shall be made in the apache-git repo.
>    2. I will rebase my METRON–777 branch to that new branch and submit a PR
>    to it in github, which we will land.
>    3. I will also follow the same procedure for METRON–942 with the
>    expectation of landing it.
> This will give us the full set of functionality as currently set of out for
> extensions.
> Currently there are two other branches that I have to fix regressions or
> missing required functionality.
>    1. I will merge these into one ( they are related ).
>    2. I will then submit them are PR’s
> Hopefully we can get these into the branch, so that we can then test the
> whole end to end functionality, and have the ability to review and discuss
> the design decisions made against a working system.
> To that end, after these PR sets land, I will make a video around using the
> features.
> The end result of the feature branch and the effort will be a branch that
> has met all the criteria and and acceptance standards set out for it. Will
> will have some community activity at that time as a means of introduction
> and demonstration.
> Questions:
>    - What should the naming convention for the branch be? feature-?
>    - Should there be a new FEATURE.md that has the equivalent of the PR
>    description? or should the README.md be modified ( to be changed back
>    before merge ) so that it is prominent?
>    - We need to set some criteria for ‘done’, and record that somewhere.
>    Should there be a feature branch jira? I think we need one for the
> eventual
>    merge anyways.
>    - other?
> Please provide any feedback or other questions so that we can proceed
> without much more delay.
> Refresher : What is METRON–777?
> METRON–777 one of two PR’s to implement the side loading of Metron parsers
> ( METRON–258 ).
> In order to provide a working, testable build that meets our pr
> requirements, the functionality was only broken down into two PR’s:
>    -
>    [#530 METRON-777 Metron Extension System and Parser Extensions](
>    https://github.com/apache/metron/pull/530)
>    -
>    [#590 METRON-942 Rest api and configuration for Metron parser
> extensions]
>    (https://github.com/apache/metron/pull/580)
> METRON–777 provides the architecture support and changes and moves the
> current parsers over to the new architecture.
> METRON–942 provides the rest api to install a 3rd party parser extension,
> and a stellar command for reading extension configurations
> it should be noted that this set of features is still incomplete, as the
> metron-config ui should be changed to provide a ui front end for extension
> management

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