Fix is out in this PR:

It ended up being a bit bigger than I hoped because we had some remaining
incompatibilities between our Github markdown and the Doxia-expected
formatting. This caused a cascade of inconsistent results for anyone
attempting to generate a page that works in both Github markdown and Doxia.
The latest fixes here should address all of this in the parsers
documentation. I suspect we may have other markdown pages out there that
will have similar issues, so this PR/Jira/notice should serve as a recipe
for remedying them in the future.


On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 3:46 PM Michael Miklavcic <> wrote:

> FYI, site-book is currently broken in master. I think I've found the
> source of the issue and will be issuing a fix shortly.
> Best,
> Mike

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