That was my thought, too. The Management UI is meant for the Operations persona.
And the Alerts UI is meant for the SOC analyst persona. If we see a need for 
either of these
personas to use both of the UIs, then the ability to switch between the two UIs 
be great. Otherwise, I'm not sure that ability is necessary.

As an aside, as the tech writer I would love to be able to switch between the 
two UIs, but I'm not
really one of our supported personas __ Darn!


Rita McKissick ! Sr. Technical Writer
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´╗┐On 3/5/19, 9:50 AM, "Michael Miklavcic" <> wrote:

    The original design was done with the intent to keep the user profiles (soc
    analyst vs ops personnel) separate and enable a microservices-oriented
    architecture. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other, but I'd
    be interested to hear whether others in the community find this wall
    useful, or if we should come back to a single pain of glass.
    On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 9:12 AM Shane Ardell <>
    > Hello everyone,
    > I recently started experimenting with implementing a navigation bar in 
    > the Alerts and Management UI. It would allow us to navigate between the 
    > UIs through links instead of manually entering a url or opening separate
    > tabs from Ambari.
    > I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Is this something we want
    > in Metron?

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