1 for me.
The Stellar transformations are part of creating a compete document ( along 
with the parsing ) that will be passed to other topologies for further 
processing. Failure on either side should be an error.  This avoids 
inconsistency downstream and other problems.  If Metron were to allow this, 
then it should be a configurable ‘policy’, which defaulted to case 1.

On October 17, 2016 at 12:15:54, Casey Stella (ceste...@gmail.com) wrote:

Hi Everyone,  

When we have a Field Transformation which is in error in the parser, the  
current behavior is to send the message in question to the error queue. I  
wanted to have a discussion around what the correct state of affairs for  
this is.  

The way I see it, we have one of two options:  

1. Send the message to the error queue as it's consistent with what  
would happen if a parser failed  
2. Skip the failed transformation  

Normally I would be in favor of 1 (which is current behavior), but we DO  
have some information that we could pass on since the parser did succeed  
even though the field transformations did not.  

I wanted to open this up for discussion and see if I could get a good  
direction from the community.  



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