No, we can't host artifacts in a git repo, or on a website. It would be
like distributing a release that hasn't been voted upon.

Regarding message threading, in Gmail adding a [tag] to the subject does
not create a new thread. So the change is not visible in my mailbox unless
the rest of the subject is changed as well.

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM, Michael Miklavcic <> wrote:

> This is a question primarily for the mentors.
> *Background*
> metron-common is currently depending on the openSOC github repo for hosting
> kraken artifacts. The original reason for this was that these jars are not
> hosted in Maven Central, and they were not reliably available in the Kraken
> repo. is tracking work
> around copying these artifacts to the Metron repo.
> Kraken source on openSOC -
> Krake maven repo on openSOC -
> *Ask*
> Create a new branch in incubator-metron to host any necessary maven
> artifacts. This branch would simply be incubator-metron/mvn-repo. This is
> similar to how we've hosted the asf-site.
> *Concerns/Questions*
>    1. Can we host these jars/artifacts in this manner?
>    2. Concerns regarding licensing?
>    3. Do we need to also grab and host the source code?

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