Le 18/10/16 à 10:35, Guido Medina a écrit :
> But still I wouldn't change the major version from Java 7 to Java 8 in
> 2.0.x, some legacy projects don't have the luxury to move to Java 8,
> in my case all my projects are running in Java 8 so in my case it won't
> make any difference.

I don't think we intent to move to Java 8 only any time soon for MINA 2.

In any case, we don't use any Java 8 construct in MINA, and the reason
we have kept Java 7 enforcment in Maven is for users taht are still
using it to not be forced to move to Java 8.

Hopefully, we didn't had any complaint about the switch from Java 6 to
Java 7 :-)

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