Hi MXNet,

Given that currently cwiki is the only place other than mxnet website for
mxnet-related documentation, I'd like to request your attention to the
(slightly disorganized) cwiki page of MXNet. The top level folders (and
their contents) currently looks like this:
- Design Proposals* (bag of proposals, not in order)
- Development* (mixture of guides, roadmaps, processes)
- Release Process (release notes)
- Website (guides and proposals)
- MXNet Clojure (call for contribution, guides)
- MXNet Keras Integration (design)
- MXNet-ONNX Integration (design, dev status)
- MXNet R Package (guide, backlog)
- MXNet-Scala (design, dev status, guide)
- Content Formatting Templates (not a folder but link to two docs)
- How-to articles (1 guide)
- Community (guide on apache-related processes)
- Data IO (designs)
- Continuous Integration (guides, designs)
- Meetups and Hangouts (events)

And here are two good examples from successful Apache projects:
- Apache Flink: an **audience-oriented** structure [1]
  Users (Presentations and How-to)
  Contributors (Dev processes and How-to)
  Committers (Infra, Dev processes, Release processes, Releases)
  Roadmaps and Feature Designs (archive)
- Apache OpenNLP: a **content-oriented** structure [2]
  External Resources

Clean organization helps content discovery and saves time on locating
useful content. Given that we have good amount of content on the wiki page,
I suggest that we decide on a cleaner taxonomy, re-organize contents
accordingly, and add future contents accordingly. To provide a starting
point for the discussion, I suggest:
- Given the state we are in, start with content-oriented organization, use
these top-level categories: Guides (including processes and how-tos),
Development (including designs, proposals, notes, roadmaps), Community
(including events, activities, external resources and contents)
- If people strongly prefer audience-oriented structure, later we can adopt
a structure similar to Flink's.

Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences here. Thanks.


[2] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OPENNLP/Index

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