Great design!

The different versioning is a good point, thanks for bringing it up. Could
you elaborate on how we will handle the situation of different versions of
mxnet in future (e.g. examples that require a minimum version)? I assume we
will revamp the website build process as part of these efforts, right?

Best regards

Am Di., 5. Feb. 2019, 01:22 hat Aaron Markham <>

> Hello MXNet folks!
> As I mentioned last week, I'm soliciting feedback on a website
> redesign. Some of you may have seen the beta site that Mu has been
> working on, which is a big step in the right direction for the
> automatically generated API docs. I've posted a wiki article [1] that
> proposes how to flesh out the new site with an information
> architecture, user flows, and wireframes useful for a design
> treatment. I look forward to your feedback - if not here or on the
> wiki, let's get a discussion going in Slack. Just ping me there.
> As a side note and follow up to fixing the redirects on the website, I
> needed to add an artifacts flag in the doc's settings.ini file [2].
> This setting is triggered in and lets you take files needed
> for the docs build from master (or your branch) and apply them to old
> version branches that you're building for the website. This also
> transitions some of logic from the post-processing versions update
> step during web publishing.
> [1] Website redesign information architecture and wireframe:
> [2] Website publish updates:
> Cheers,
> Aaron

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