Guys, that's amazing!


On 28.02.19, 09:19, "Isabel Drost-Fromm" <> wrote:

    First of all thank you for the summary, that sounds awesome. Would be great 
to hear more stories like this shared here - for the stories that can be shared.
    Am 28. Februar 2019 08:03:38 MEZ schrieb Thomas DELTEIL 
    >To answer your question Isabel, this project was a joint cooperation
    >between a few MXNet team members at AWS, including Anton, Pavel and
    >and some employees at the QT (the C++ library) company, in their
    >automation department.
    Thanks for the information - just names of those individuals who deserve 
credit would have been more than enough. Any chance to draw any of those who 
preferred to remain unnamed here into the project*? 
    * I guess I'm old school but in my experience giving credit publicly is a 
great way to increase contributor motivation. Sorry for soundings like your 
notorious volunteer/ casual contributor recruiter ;)
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