Hello Will ,

Thanks for your support and info. If I succeed I will definitely let you
know. Is it possible to change the HCI -UART connection to HCI-SPI ?
Because , in our case SPI is the prefered interface.Since , SPI needs clock
rate and UART needs baudrate ,I expect it is not tough to handle. As you
said the existing HCI- SPI is a non-standard one, I think I can atleast
have some reference from that implemention.

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> Hello ,
> I am a student and I am new to BLE. I would like to know if the Mynewt OS
> and nimBLE host stack (protocol stack part only) can be ported to Atmega
> microcontroller with 256 kb flash and 32kb RAM.It is a 8-bit mcu and
> advanced RISC architecture Can I modify the host stack to access any
> controller of a BLE module.Ealier the HCI was in UART now,in the github I
> found there is also SPI for HCI. Could the porting be achieved?
> Thanks in advance

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