On Thu, Feb 22, 2018, at 2:57 AM, markus wrote:
> A few weeks ago I started porting mynewt to the stm32f3 family. I've 
> been using it for quite a while and it seems to work so I thought about 
> opening a PR (see 
> https://github.com/mlampert/mynewt-core/tree/feature/stm32f3)
> There seems to be a refactoring in progress to eliminate some of the 
> duplication between the different stm32 ports - which I think is a good 
> thing!
> So I was wondering if I should hold off until that is done?

Open your PR, please!

> Also, comments on the actual port are most welcome. It diverts from the 
> other stm32 family ports mainly in two areas:
>  * accounting of external interrupts is on a per ISR basis, not on a per 
> HW interrupt basis, see 
> https://github.com/apache/mynewt-core/compare/master...mlampert:feature/stm32f3?expand=1#diff-12c253fbcf44cd336f08b3e2ed4eca8e
> I found this more useful during debugging than the external HW interrupt 
> counts - YMMV.
>  * The stm32f303k8 is rather resource constrained with 64k flash and 12k 
> sram. I didn't see much value in trying to squeeze a bootloader and two 
> app images in there - so the nucleo-f303k8 bsp doesn't support a 
> bootloader and is set up to load a single app image directly.

Agreed. I have a f3-discovery here, which has 256kb, so I can add/test a BSP 
for this one as well.

Fabio Utzig

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