Hey Krishna,

There aren't any extensive checks that are done with each version. Based on
the documentation on the Apache Mynewt website, these are the versions that
have been tested:

Linux distro and version: Ubuntu version 17.04, kernel version 4.10
gcc-multilib (libc6-i386): v 2.4 or greater
gdb: v 7.7.1
gcc for ARM (gcc-arm-embedded): v 4.9.3
openocd: 0.10.0

Have you already tried installing Newt? There are instructions for
installing Newt, native toolchain, and cross tools for ARM on Mynewt
website here:


On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 9:36 PM, Krishna Badam <krishna.ba...@imgtec.com>

> Hi All,
> Is there any documentation,
> For a newly installed OS(linux) what are the required kernel version,
> libraries, packages, tools and any version dependencies.
> May not be for individual features, but at basic Mynewt OS level build
> dependencies.
> I just want to have a pre-requisite check script, so the document can help
> me in preparing that.
> Thanks,
> Krishna B

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