On 21 Sep 2016, at 8:22, Kevin Townsend wrote:

No, you aren't missing anything - we should have added a new pointer for
master.  Thanks for catching this!

For reference, here is the current apache-mynewt-core repository.yml

     repo.name: apache-mynewt-core
         "0.0.0": "develop"
         "0.7.9": "mynewt_0_8_0_b2_tag"
         "0.8.0": "mynewt_0_8_0_tag"
         "0.9.0": "mynewt_0_9_0_tag"
         "0-latest": "0.9.0"
         "0-dev": "0.0.0"
         "0.8-latest": "0.8.0"
         "0.9-latest": "0.9.0"

I can't think of a new pointer name for master.  Since this is just a
temporary change, I'm thinking we should change 0-dev to point to
master.  0.0.0 would still point to develop.

0-dev seems to match the intent based on the comments here, and seems like a good match to me.

I did try pointing to "master" with a new entry but got the error below, but perhaps it is looking for a tag not a branch name:

   $ newt upgrade
   Error: Unknown stability (master) in version 0-master

I simply added '"0-master": "master"' as a quick test before deleting the project.state file and running the upgrade command above.

Upgrade will pull the repository.yml from apache-mynewt-core/master branch directly (for the apache-mynewt-core repository, if you have a custom repository, it will pull that repo’s repository.yml.)

To add a tracking tag to your own repo, there are two components.

1- You need to add a “real” version (without the stability tag). That real version should point to the git branch. Above we have:

"0.0.0": "develop"

2- Then you can add a tracking tag, by pointing the vers+stability entry, at that “real” version:

“0-master”: “0.0.0”

You cannot point a tracking tag directly at a git branch. We’ve hacked this a bit for develop, but in general, the goal of the tracking tag is to switch between released versions of Mynewt (i.e. I want to track on 1.1-latest and get all minor revision updates, which by our release policy are guaranteed to be bug fixes.)



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