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Subject: Changes in Finnish native-lang team leadership
Date: Monday 05 July 2010, 14:07:13
From: Marko Grönroos <m...@iki.fi>
To: dev@native-lang.openoffice.org
CC: Harri Pitkänen <hatap...@iki.fi>, "Risto J." <risto....@jippii.fi>

I have been much too busy with my day job in the last few years and 
haven't had as much time to work on the Finnish native-lang team as I 
would have liked to. Also Asmo Koskinen has been busy with work for a 
longer time.

After discussions on the d...@fi.openoffice.org mailing list and some 
personal communications, a decision was made to pass the leadership to 
the two members of the team who have been most active in the recent years:

New lead:    Harri Pitkänen
              (hatapitk at openoffice.org or hatapitk at iki.fi)
New co-lead: Risto I. Jääskeläinen
              (ristoi at openoffice.org or risto.i.j at jippii.fi)

Harri has been most active in updating the translations and maintaining 
the web site in the last few years, and has also developed the Finnish 
spelling and hyphenation extension Voikko.

Risto has done a lot of translations, especially of the help functionality.

We made a call for new leaders already in last year, but no candidates 
stood up and Harri was also busy at the time.


I'd like to thank Marko and Asmo for their past work in Finnish native-lang 
team and hope that they will be able to participate in the future too. As 
Marko wrote above, I have been coordinating the translation process for 
Finnish during the past few years. We have been able to maintain nearly 100 % 
complete UI translation for quite a while (from 2.0.1 onwards if I recall 
correctly). Thanks to Risto, our new co-lead, we got complete help translation 
for 3.2.

Unfortunately we have not been able to make regular releases which has often 
forced Finnish users to resort to using release candidates for extended 
periods of time. As the new project lead my first priority will be to have 
3.2.1 officially released for Finnish as soon as possible and then work 
towards ensuring that we will be able to continue making timely releases in 
the future.


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