You need to subscribe to the d...@native-lang list to be able to post
there. I'm sorry I did not find the time to answer to your private
email from the 14th, I was away for the French national day and am
still catching up somewhat. Remember, we're many volunteers here. 

Concerning the fur project you are correct to state that the project is
indeed inactive. If you would like to take it over I will file an issue
and we'll have to change your role to project owner. 

I do need your username and you also need to sign and
submit the SCA :

Thank you,

Charles-H. Schulz. 

Le Fri, 16 Jul 2010 12:35:37 +0200,
Mauro Cumin <> a écrit :

> Hi.
> I'd like to work on friulian localization of UI user interface Open
> Office.
> I find difficult to find the exact way to do it from Oo web
> resources, wikis and helps. If someone can show the right or short
> way or help I will be grateful to him.
> 1. Now I got registration with pootle server and add oo UI and
> pootle.  But there is no friulian language to choice. Please where or
> to whom I had to ask ? What do I ask for adding friulian to language
> choices ?
> 2. There is a think a death project 'the group
>'  .  I examined public activities in dev and com
> mandatory lists and I've seen no activity
> since 2006. Do they make no advance in project since 2006 ?  Is it
> not better to open (to leave access) the project to community for
> some volunteer's advance ? Maybe a co-administration of project. As
> it is now it seems dead and *locked*. Is it ?  I wrote to
> (11/7/2010) and to Charles Schulz
> <> (14/7/2010) but I received no answer
> till now. Do someone explain or help ?
> Thank you.
> Best Regards
> Mauro

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