Hi Louis, Charles, all,

This email is my official resignation as the Catalan NLC Leader. My
position as a member of another foundation makes my two roles
incompatible. From now, I claim no official representation of any kind
regarding the OpenOffice.org project.

I have been involved in this project for almost 10 years, when Sun and
Softcatalà started a collaboration to translate OpenOffice.org into
Catalan in the very beginning of the project, a few months ago before
the release of the version 1.0. That makes me one of veterans of the
project, but fortunately I was only 21 years old then, so now I am
still, I hope, a bit young.

Thanks to this project I have met some of the smartest and nicest
people I have met in my whole life, and this is something I will never
forget. In my memories there will always be moments like being awake
all night trying to compile OOo 1.0 in a very old Solaris Sparc "pizza
box", the presentation of the first version of OOo in Catalan,
arriving alone in Lyon without knowing anyone and meeting a lot of
interesting people, the organization of the OpenOffice.org Conference
2007 in Barcelona, or that crazy trip to China, something that was
beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, they have also been some bad and
uncomfortable moments and strong discussions, but I am sure those will
be forget those very quickly.

I would like to propose Jordi Mas, who did an outstanding job
co-organizing the OpenOffice.org Conference 2008, and is a well known
hacker of the FOSS community, to take the role as the new Catalan NLC
project leader. This is one of those cases where the replacement is
better than the original, so I am sure the Catalan community, thanks
to him, will be even more stronger and productive than it is now.

I just one to thank some people before I say goodbye. First of all,
and most important, I would like to thank Sun Microsystems to trust a
21 years student of Cinema to lead the translation and engineering of
the Catalan version almost 10 years ago. I wouldn't be here without
them. They have all my respect and gratitude. I would also like to
thank all the Oracle employers and, with special gratitude, Louis
Suárez-Potts, Rafaella Braconi and Nils Fuhrmann.

I will continue to support the OpenOffice.org project in my personal
life and I wish you all the best.


Jesús Corrius i Llavina
Former OpenOffice.org Catalan NLC Project Leader.

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