I have asked that Charles Schulz recuse himself from his role as lead of the 
NLC category because of the confusion his new role outside of 
would produce in the minds of contributors and users.  I have not received an 
answer, so I must presume one, that he would act with good grace and recognize 
the impossibility of his dual roles.

As lead I will continue to do what I normally do as the co-lead of the NLC—the 
admin, policy, outreach—plus the engagement of new members interested in 
setting up projects in their native language. Only, I'll do this now as Lead of 
the category. (There is no real apparatus for formal vote here….)

And there is a fair amount that does need to be done, as OOo is gaining 
enormous momentum around the world and as you, the NLC projects, are elemental 
to that! 


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