Hi Pau,

On 01/20/11 13:53, Pau Iranzo wrote:

The Catalan (Valencian) translation hasn't been updated since a few
months ago. I have write permissions, but I'm not the main responsible
for this translation and I'm not sure wether I should translate it or

If the responsible is missing, I'll be glad to take care of it. And if
he is not missing... can I help translating into Catalan (Valencian)?
you are more than welcome to participate in the translation :-) and if nobody objects, we can grant you admin permissions that enable you to coordinate the translation project by using Pootle. I'm also cc:ing the dev@native-lang list to make this as transparent as possible.

Also, can you please add Catalan (Valencian) to the language list at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Languages?


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