Claudio, et al.,
On 2011-01-31, at 23:01 , Peter Junge wrote:

> Hi Claudio,
> it's very sad to see you leave. :-( Thanks a lot for your great
> contributions during the past 10 years.
> I also had to do my unpleasant duty to remove you from the MarCon list.
> For all other lists in the Marketing Project feel free to stay subscribed.
> All the best for the future and I really hope our ways will cross again
> in the future.

I second Peter's nice wishes and can only add that I suspect, as time goes on, 
that we'll meet again, one day, perhaps some time soon.

> Best regards,
> Peter


> On 02/01/2011 09:56 AM, Claudio F Filho wrote:
>> Hi
>> I went into the project in 2001 and have worked for him
>> in Brazil by 10 years. During this period I met some amazing people on
>> this project and that really helped me grow and discover new horizons.
>> And the journey continues for new routes, closing this step.
>> I'm declining all my functions within OOo. Thanks to everyone who helped.
>> Rafaela, thanks for the chance in 2001.
>> Cordially
>> Claudio

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