If you are using Gretty to run your code, then I think you just have to
recompile your project. I'm uncertain but I think if you are just running
your project with SpringBoot, it won't pick it up.

Normally, I would say, that you could run your code in debug mode and click
Debug/Apply Code changes. However, you probably can't do it if your run
task relies on SpringBoot's questionable monster jar. So, you just have to
have a run task which depends on the binaries SpringBoot's big jar is
created from.

Attila Kelemen

2017-08-08 16:20 GMT+02:00 marccollin7...@gmail.com <

> Hi
> i use spring boot 2.0.0 with netbeans 8.2 and gralde.
> How to avoid to restart every time server when i do a change in the code ?
> thanks

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