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> -1 as well. The LTS versions live longer, and the processes between the
> orgs will be different. They are also just different orgs. I don't think it
> makes sense to try to align versioning. It was essentially marketing
> between Oracle's Java and it's IDE, which made sense considering that, but
> isn't the case any longer. It also means we will jump major versions just
> for the Java support when NB is so much more than that.

Good points!  Yes, agree it was mainly marketing, although also about what
level of Java was officially supported?

My original question elsewhere was whether we were consciously deciding to
decouple versions or just letting it happen.  Quite happy with either,
actually, and I'd probably prefer a better semantic versioning strategy

Of course, we need to be sure we don't disregard all marketing now in
Apache.  Something for discussion elsewhere might be how / whether this is
communicated - you know someone will ask why we're releasing NetBeans 9
just as Java 10 is out?! ;-)

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