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> On 10/04/18 10:12, Neil C Smith wrote:
> > On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 at 06:30 Antonio <anto...@vieiro.net> wrote:
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> >> Are we talking about the catalog xml file here? There's no need to host
> >> it on the website. A simple .htaccess file can redirect it to the mirror
> >> system (or elsewhere).
> >>
> >
> > No need, no.  Still, I quite like the idea of having the catalog under
> > version control rather than via redirect.  Of course, it could still be a
> > separate repo and subdomain if it proves a problem.
> One thing I learned about the Apache mirror system is that it only keeps
> the most "current binaries".
> So the catalog file shouldn't be kept in the mirror system, as it will
> have to evolve, and the hosting it in the mirror system requires a
> signing & approval process.

Yes, sorry, did know this - didn't mean that it could be hosted in the
mirror system, more that that doesn't necessarily imply it *has* to be in
the website repo instead.

> I don't think we're mature enough to move the .htaccess configuration to
> the central web server configuration (that would require an infra
> ticket, as only infra has rights to modify the web server configurations).

Just thinking about Jan's traffic concerns earlier - ie. I would have
thought the implications of that mixed with .htaccess should at least be
discussed with infra before considering this approach.

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