I'm new here and would like to start by thanking for Nifi which is helping
us here at Activity Stream a lot.

I have a question regarding a "SiteToSite connector" we are developing to
make some of our services play-nice with Nifi and I'm not sure if you want
those to the dev or the user channel (as I'm not contributing (yet) to
Nifi) :).

We have established a connection and successfully communicated with both
IN/OUT ports.

Sometimes the communication channels seems to get stuck and we can not
create any new transactions:

   - IOException: "Unable to create Transaction to communicate with
   - Nifi console: complains about a request timing out (I assume on the on
   the return/heartbeat path)
   - Sometimes this starts working again after a long-while but only for
   1-2 successful deliveries

We have tried everything that has come to mind to "reboot" this, including
creating a new SiteToSiteClient connection to use, but to no avail.

Am I falling into a known newbe hole or can anyone point me to some
material that would help me do this properly?

Best regards,

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