Hi Stefan,

Glad to hear NiFi is helping your team!

It sounds like you probably already have the code part down, but what does
your code for sending or receiving look code?

There are some examples here...

Sending -
Receiving -

Is it possible there are network issues between whatever system and your
NiFi system? have you tried from different systems to see if it is always a
problem or maybe there is only a couple of servers that have trouble
talking to NiFi?



On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 12:42 PM, Stefán Baxter <ste...@activitystream.com>

> Hi.
> I'm new here and would like to start by thanking for Nifi which is helping
> us here at Activity Stream a lot.
> I have a question regarding a "SiteToSite connector" we are developing to
> make some of our services play-nice with Nifi and I'm not sure if you want
> those to the dev or the user channel (as I'm not contributing (yet) to
> Nifi) :).
> We have established a connection and successfully communicated with both
> IN/OUT ports.
> Sometimes the communication channels seems to get stuck and we can not
> create any new transactions:
>    - IOException: "Unable to create Transaction to communicate with
>    Peer[url=nifi://tornado:1234,CLOSED]"
>    - Nifi console: complains about a request timing out (I assume on the on
>    the return/heartbeat path)
>    - Sometimes this starts working again after a long-while but only for
>    1-2 successful deliveries
> We have tried everything that has come to mind to "reboot" this, including
> creating a new SiteToSiteClient connection to use, but to no avail.
> Am I falling into a known newbe hole or can anyone point me to some
> material that would help me do this properly?
> Best regards,
>  -Stefán

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