MiNiFi cpp team,

I am currently working on MINIFI-350. I have an integration test framework plus 
a few integration tests which are invoked via a new script called 
 This is intended to be consistent in naming and structure to the extant

My question resides in a final bit of integration. I see that there is a custom 
CMake target in cmake/DockerConfig.cmake that calls It seems 
like the best thing to integrate is to add a sibling CMake 
custom target, perhaps called something like 'docker-verify.'

A few stylistic/structural questions come to mind. Do we want these integration 
tests to be invoked directly via a custom target, or do we want that custom 
target to be an intermediate target which is called by some existing 'make 
test' or 'make verify' target? The biggest risk, from what I can see, is that 
if we hooked into 'make test,' then it would fail if the user hadn't already 
run 'make docker.'

Please advise on preferred style and structure with regard to integration of 
the new docker integration tests with CMake.

-Andy I.C.

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