To get rid of the old values from before securing your cluster, remove
the state/local directory on both servers (assuming you don't have any
processor state that you care about since this is a new cluster).

For the other issue, is there a stacktrace with more info?



On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 7:14 PM Phil H <gippyp...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I (almost) have a secure nifi 1.9.2 cluster of two servers. Server A starts
> up fine, but Server B fails to start with this error (I cannot copy/paste
> as it is an offline system)
> Could not start listening for incoming connections in order to load balance
> data across the cluster. Please verify the values of
> ‘nifi.cluster.load.balance.port’ and ‘ nifi.cluster.load.balance.host’
> property as well as the ‘nifi.security.*’ properties
> The config between the two servers are identical, apart from the respective
> host names, and there are no other applications trying to bind on any of
> the ports on Server B. I have also tried changing ports in case it was
> something simple like that.
> Additionally, when restarting Server A, I occasionally see references to
> cluster members from before I had the secure config (eg: IP address / port
> 80) - how do I expunge any prior info regarding cluster members and start
> again with the two servers I now have??
> Regards,
> Phil

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