Hi Kirby,

Grumble, Grumble.  (adding dev@nutch, as that is more than likely
> where this discussion really belongs)...

am adding gora-...@incubator.apache.org as well

> It'd be really nice if folks could just follow the commands in the
> nightly build, and get a build pushed out.  I've pointed this out
> previously, and was told this would be fixed "shortly" (right after
> GORA-0.1 finally got released, but not published in public maven repo,
> which as far as I know, it still isn't published, but I stopped
> checking on it).

I understand and share your frustration, however you need to bear in mind
that things are done only if people volunteer and have time - usually taken
from their holiday, weekends, evenings. Chris (who is the de facto release
master for Nutch and Gora) has not had the time and nobody else has
volunteered to do it.

> As it happens, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the last
> successful Hudson/Jenkins build...  If that actually worked, we could
> point people towards it as a useful recipe for how to get a build
> working off trunk.  I haven't been following Nutch too closely, but it
> always strikes me as really odd, that there's a nightly build and it
> doesn't bother anybody that it fails all the time (and that there
> isn't a nightly build for the stable branches).

The real issue behind all this is what we should do with Nutch 2.0. What
follows is only my opinion and I would love to hear what others have to say
on this subject.

Since we (actually mostly Dogacan) wrote 2.0 and delegated the storage to
Gora, the latter hasn't really taken off since incubation. There have been
some modest contributions to it but it does not seem to be used much and
there is virtually nothing happening on it in terms of development. More
worryingly, the people who initially contributed to it are not very active
on the project (such is life, new jobs, different projects, etc...)
anymoreĀ·. As for Nutch 2.0, it hasn't made any progress in  the last 12
months : we still have the same bugs, the tests do not work, the build has
to be done manually etc...

At the same time, there has been a new lease of life into Nutch as a whole :
there is definitely more activity on the mailing lists, new users, new
active committers  etc... and quite a few bugfixes and improvements - most
of them backported from what had been done in the trunk and people seem
fairly happy with what we can do with 1.4

So the question is : what shall we do with 2.0? Here are a few possibilities

a) put some effort into it, fix the bugs and make so that it can be used
instead of 1.x
b) shelve it and leave it for enthusiasts to play with + make 1.x the trunk
c) do nothing : keep 2.0 and 1.x in parallel  (but having to maintain two
branches is quite a pain)
d) abandon the idea of a neutral storage layer with Gora and hardwire it to
e.g. HBase

Option (a) has not happened in the last 12 months and I am not very hopeful
about it.

What do you guys think?


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