Hi Radim,

Thanks for your feedback. Just to dispel the thought that this VOTE will 
remove the Nutch-with-Gora version of SVN, it won't remove it (not that it 
ever fully remove it anyways since SVN is a version control system it 
will always be around in some form or fashion.

Simply, we are VOTE'ing on a proposal that will move the current Nutch 
trunk at http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/nutch/trunk to 
and then will merge the current 1.4-development branch at 
into trunk.

If folks want to leverage Nutch with Gora, and/or contribute to it there, I 
will consider those folks 
candidates for committers as I would anyone that's contributing to trunk 
and I would hope the rest of the Nutch dev community would also. Then, if you 
have the time 
and resources, and others do too, you can selectively move in the relevant 
parts of the system 
into trunk (and help maintain them where it makes sense) as you and the rest of 
community (dev and users) see fit. Commit early, commit often. Discussions with 
the rest 
of the community. Starting small, growing big. All parts of developing in the 
Apache way.

However, the current set of active Nutch committers have found that using their 
to maintain the 1.x series of Nutch release (pre-Gora) to be a more productive 
use of their 
time since none of those active Nutch committers are Gora experts (including 
myself). We 
are trying to learn though, at least I know I am. So, given that, we are 
proposing to make 
the Nutch active branch of development (called "trunk" in SVN terms) the branch 
all of us know how to maintain, and that furthermore, we are getting the most 
and activity from the user community regarding. 

Hope that helps to clarify.


On Sep 18, 2011, at 4:08 PM, Radim Kolar wrote:

> -1
> I don't want to mark release 2.0 as unmaintained. Cassandra backend 
> works really well for us and fixed performance problems with hadoop 
> database. Instead of moving it out trunk, recruit more ppl should come 
> and fix open problems. don't give up.

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