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Thanks for your email. What you propose has been suggested as an option. 
The best way to help see it happen sooner rather than later is to get involved 
and/or contribute towards discussion, design, code, etc., for the issues that 
you are interested in. We welcome any contributions in this area. The nutchgora 
branch will still be there, and if there's a desire to have a nutchcassandra or 
pure branch, and you have some spare cycles to help see it come about, we would 
welcome it.


On Sep 19, 2011, at 7:30 AM, Radim Kolar wrote:

>> I'm glad to hear that there at least 2 people in the community that 
> do business in their field and proudly use a Nutch-based crawler 
> together with
>> Cassandra to store the data through Gora. That would not have been 
> possible with Nutch 1.x version.
> what about to drop Gora, because it is progressing too slowly and make 
> Nutch 2.x only cassandra/hadoop db based ?

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