How does an in-memory database like Redis hel with the setup of clustering/load balancing?



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Or Redis[1] with Redisson[2]?


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主题: OFBiz in cluster, load balance, different availability zones

Hi all, I still support OFBiz 12.04 + some custom extensions for one customer.

Now, we need to launch OFBiz in a cluster or it is better to say on different 
machines in different availability zones in AWS infrastructure.

The main problem arises here is the http session replications among all 
At least, in OFBiz 12.04 we have a clustering solution for Tomcat container 
using SimpleTcpCluster.
It is the way when all instances must share sessions via broadcasting IP 
packets, although this way maybe good for clustering on the one server 
instances, but it will not work in cloud infrastructure and in different 
availability zones.  Because broadcasting IP packets are very low level 
communication which is not supported in the cloud services.

Another solutions, which Tomcat proposes for session replication are:

- use shared file system and common directory to store and read sessions

- use shared database to replicate sessions

I am working on the support for these two solutions in Catalina container.

However, I would like to ask you, maybe we have another solution in OFBiz to 
work with ?

Thank you.

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