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> Yeah I am proposing one big component to house all services. The reason is
> that it makes no sense in separating them because they are tightly coupled
> and depend on each other heavily (because they share the full data model)
> As I mentioned in my first email, we can perhaps create a new component and
> call it "service-library". Inside this component we follow a similar
> pattern to the datamodel component in organizing the files.
> To me the big win out of this move is that all the complexity we have right
> now in figuring out the dependencies between components almost completely
> goes away. Remember that big spaghetti diagram in the wiki for component
> dependencies? We get rid of that.
> Did I understand your question correctly and WDYT?

You did understand correctly and I think I agree.

Would there be folders for human understanding and some organisation, but
without them defining separate components?


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