Hi Suraj,

I haven't reviewed the code in question so I don't have any comment at this
stage. But one thing I want to point out is that OFBiz has many years of
history available in commit logs, jira and mailing lists. It's often quite
a simple task to look back over that history and determine why a certain
thing was done a certain way.

As part of proposing a change to existing functionality it is extremely
useful to anyone who might review the proposal to have some of that context
provided with the proposal.

In this case it could be a simple matter of a past mistake being overlooked
until now, or it could be that using QOH was found to be beneficial for
some reason that isn't immediately obvious. But without first researching,
we can't ever be sure of the answer.


On Fri, 6 Apr 2018, 18:25 Suraj Khurana, <suraj.khur...@hotwaxsystems.com>

> Hello,
> While checking around code around inventory reservations, I was surprised
> to see that *reserveProductInventory *service only checks for QOH quantity
> greater than one apart from that when *reserveFromInventoryItemInline *is
> called, it checks for ATP confirming system to behave as required.
> Everything works fine but this is redundant code and we can have check for
> ATP at top level so make reservations logic works faster. Is there any
> other specific case I am missing or we can improve this flow by adding ATP
> check at *reserveProductInventory* service as well.
> We can check QOH being on safer side, but ideally a system will always have
> lesser ATP than QOH and logically we should only check for ATP while doing
> reservations.
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