Ah something I missed to precise: it's not about giving arguments, pro or cons. 
It's only about taking decisions, so again: please stay focused.



Le 21/09/2016 à 18:13, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
Hi All,

At OFBIZ-8293 we began to informally discuss about reducing the number of OOTB 
themes. But we could clearly agree and believe a vote is better/

1. Now the 1st question which has been already discussed several time without a 
clear decision in this ML:
   do we, as a community, want to reduce the number  of themes?
   Should we vote on that before starting votes on or a lazy consensus could 
   I suggest that we try a lazy consensus and if nobody is against with strong 
argument we move on.
2. Should we vote on the number of themes to keep?
   Again I suggest a lazy consensus ratehr than a vote
3. The theme/s to remove, I think we should make several votes, one by theme, 
to clearly decide which theme/s to remove

Thanks for your help deciding on this, please try to keep focused :)


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