Hi Julien,

We spoke about having themes like plugins, but I think it was just a small talk 
so far

In 1st place they should go in attic (ie stay in OFBiz trunk in svn repo ) and 
then possibly resurrected from there as themes-plugins, or not.


Le 21/09/2016 à 22:59, Julien NICOLAS a écrit :
Hi Jacques,

I agree that it's important to remove themes from the framework (keep at least 
one is important ^^ ).

But you don't mention what's happening with theme that is not in the OOTB. I think it could be available from public repository instead of simply deleted.

For me pors is to stop to maintain outdated theme that is never used. We can focus on one theme and go further to upgrade the theme management (and rendering management).


On 21/09/2016 18:35, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
Ah something I missed to precise: it's not about giving arguments, pro or cons. 
It's only about taking decisions, so again: please stay focused.



Le 21/09/2016 à 18:13, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
Hi All,

At OFBIZ-8293 we began to informally discuss about reducing the number of OOTB 
themes. But we could clearly agree and believe a vote is better/

1. Now the 1st question which has been already discussed several time without a 
clear decision in this ML:
   do we, as a community, want to reduce the number  of themes?
   Should we vote on that before starting votes on or a lazy consensus could 
   I suggest that we try a lazy consensus and if nobody is against with strong 
argument we move on.
2. Should we vote on the number of themes to keep?
   Again I suggest a lazy consensus ratehr than a vote
3. The theme/s to remove, I think we should make several votes, one by theme, 
to clearly decide which theme/s to remove

Thanks for your help deciding on this, please try to keep focused :)


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