We would like to propose few enhancement over ecommerce portal in OFBiz. In
other words we want to demonstrate how to use ecommerce portal for creating
your own site. Regarding the same, we were looking at some wiki documents
to browse the features already exists and demonstrated by Ecommerce portal.
After browsing all the features we understand from ecommerce site OFBiz
have, that, it covers all the aspects as a framework to demonstrate all the
possible features OFBiz can support for Ecommerce. Also it demonstrate how
these features uses the data model.

So we were thinking to use ecommerce clone to demonstrate our purpose. That
means, how an OFBiz user can create a modern Ecommerce site using the OFBiz
Ecommerce portal. But on further diagnose we found that, the ecomclone have
been removed in last month as result of email thread - *"Removing the
ecomclone webapp from the ecommerce component"*. Also we gone thru the
usage of *ecomseo* webapp and it also use the ecommerce to demonstarte its
own seo related features metioned here

With all this said, we would like to use the *ecomseo* for our purpose or
if community is not okay with it then we can add one more webapp parallel
to ecommerce. We are fine in either way. Following are the enhancements we
would like to propose for it, so that we can show an modern ecommerce site
using OFBiz *ecomseo* or *new webapp*.

- *ecomseo* or *new webapp* already cover the search engine friendly URLs
using the SeoControlServlet and SeoCatalogUrlFilter. We just need to make
sure all the features are working properly if we browse to *ecomseo*. As
while browsing we have seen that the breadcrumbs are not working properly
in all cases, also on changing catalogs page doesn't show the related data
in *ecomseo*. So first we will fix all the related issue exists in *ecomseo*
- Like many modern ecommerce site, we would like show the catalogs as menu
and category navigation in the menu bar. That means, if required we can set
some data specific to *ecomseo *or* new webapp.*
- *Category Navigation:* should shown from Solr instead of product and
category data.
- *Product Search Pages:* should shown from Solr instead of product
keywords. With all the basic feature filtering criteria.
- *Product Detail Page:* should show the minimum required fixed set of
product features. That means, it does not cover all type of products like
configurable products and other complex products. This also mean that, at
some point we would like to narrow the ecommerce features and keep the
general items required by mostly.
- *Login and Registration:* We would like to add basic site registration
process with minimum information.
- *Shopping Cart:* Shopping cart will have all the basic functionality with
fancy UI and JS support.
- *Checkout:* Only one single page checkout with no steps. Fancy UI and JS
support. It also includes the changes on assumption like by default billing
and shipping address will be same and based on user action process will
separate them.
- *Overall Changes:* With the above basic flow changes on ecommerce, we
would also override the decorators, UI, UX and add JS support to follow the
latest standards.

We would love to hear from community on this, and inputs on other areas if
we missed something. Also if we do agree to do these changes, then we will
start documenting the things one by one in detail on wiki probably with
some wireframes to understand the things better. And after community agree
on each item we can start on fixing the flows as per the final design.

Thanks to Jacques and Pranay for the adding useful documents on wiki. It
help us for identifying the work flows, the usage of apps, and preparing
this basic plan. Thanks to Arun Patidar for discussion and planning.


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