That's an interesting proposition ans should be considered indeed

Thanks Jinghai


Le 12/01/2017 à 02:01, Shi Jinghai a écrit :
+1 to the svn folder structure.

On the plugin publish and install, could we consider publish a zip file to 
maven repository as well as the jars? In production environment, unzip the zip 
file under plugins and then it can work, or even better, don't unzip it, let it 
work similar to an android apk file.

发件人: Taher Alkhateeb []
发送时间: 2017年1月11日 23:02
主题: Proposal to create a separate svn repository for the OFBiz official plugins

Hello Folks

This is a proposal to the community to restructure our SVN repository.
We do this by separating "official" plugins from the core OFBiz framework and 
to provide build script tasks to easily download and install these plugins. The details 
of this proposal are as follows:

1- Relocate OFBiz from to (with all trunk, branches and tags 
underneath as is)
2- Create a new tree under to house all plugins
3- Remove /plugins/component-load.xml (any component in /plugins will load 
automatically if it is enabled in ofbiz-component.xml)
4- Create a gradle task with the below syntax. This task downloads a plugin 
from subversion and places it in /plugins and runs any install logic that it 
may have
    Syntax: pullPluginSource -PpluginId=<plugin-id-here>
    Example: pullPluginSource -PpluginId=birt
5- Refactor the build scripts to cater for all the above
6- Update to reflect all the above

So for example, under this proposal, trunk is located in:

And the birt component is located in:

This would allow us to have in the future the ability to provide releases not 
only for the framework but the plugins as well as two separate products.

What do you think?


Taher Alkhateeb

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