First of all, sorry if I'm writing to the wrong mailing list, but I presume 
that my question may be answered only by developers of the framework..

When I started  studying Olingo V4 (I've entirely skipped V2 version) I've got 
the feeling that the library itself is very powerful, but requires really a lot 
of boilerplate code to work with.

So, I started to adapt the Tutorial provided on Apache Olingo web site (for 
version 4)  to create an equivalent of the DemoEntityProcessor that would be 
able to work with annotated POJO and to call internally an implementation of a 
custom "service" to perform crud operations.... Only to realize after that is 
exactly  what Olingo V2 Java Annotation processor does !
Unluckily, I found no documentation about something similar for Olingo V4. So, 
is there something similar already available - or, at least, planned - for V4 
too ?  Of course I would by far prefer to use an "official" implementation of 
an annotation processor instead of trying to write it myself (with few chances 
to succeed...)

Thanks for your time and sorry if I bothered you.

All the bests,


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