Hi Maxim,

going to test CalenderService later the day. I will commend in Jira.

2 more little things...

Calling RoomWebService.getPublic(sid,"1") as it is described in the
documentation ("The Roomtype can be 1 for conference rooms or 2 for audience
rooms.") does not work. The method call has to look like this:

    List<RoomDTO> roomList = roomWs.getPublic(adminSID, "conference");
    roomList.addAll(roomWs.getPublic(adminSID, "interview"));
    roomList.addAll(roomWs.getPublic(adminSID, "presentation"));

It would be nice that if the method is called without a room type all rooms
are returned by the method.

Greetings Peter

Am 06.04.2018 um 16:56 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:

Should be fixed
Please let me know if you will see any other errors

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 7:17 PM, Peter Dähn <da...@vcrp.de> wrote:
Hi Maxim,

once again...

compilation of CalendarService.wsdl fails, because double entry of

<xs:simpleType name="type">

Greetings Peter

Am 06.04.2018 um 14:10 schrieb Peter Dähn:
Hi Maxim,

the other plugin did the trick....

Thanks Peter

Am 06.04.2018 um 09:47 schrieb Peter Dähn:
Hi Maxim,

thanks for your answer... We try to figure this out...

Greetings Peter

Am 05.04.2018 um 17:40 schrieb Maxim Solodovnik:
One class per method looks wrong to me :(
Maybe you can separate in by packages?

or ask us...@cxf.apache.org <mailto:us...@cxf.apache.org> mailing list?

or try another plugin?

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 6:16 PM, Peter Dähn <da...@vcrp.de
<mailto:da...@vcrp.de>> wrote:

     Hi there,

     We want to generate Java source files from wsdl files. Our pom.xml
     looks like that:








































     Generating the code works fine but we get a flat file structure:

     So we get two files Kick.java. One from RoomWebService and the
     other from UserWebService. And the second overwrites the first so
     we get an error when calling the webservice from Java code.

     Do you have an example pom.xml which we can use to build the Java
     sources from wsdl files correctly?

     Greetings Peter

Maxim aka solomax

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